Jillian Lambert is South African born and currently spends the majority of her time in Cape Town, South Africa.
After graduating in Personnel Management and following a 16 year career in Human Resources Management, within national and international companies, she now offers a diverse spectrum of services – a Jill of all Trades so to speak!
After leaving the corporate world in 2003, The People Practice was her first business she started in order to provide businesses with Human Resource Solutions.  Over the past  years this has included long term retainer clients, project work, training & development, strategy facilitation and ad hoc HR advice.
Being exposed to women in business, and the challenges that face them, as well as having a close group of female friends, led to the creation of the Women’s Worth Workshop.  This workshop was designed to offer Women tools to enable them to live their lives to their fullest potential.  Included are processes that allow participants to peel back the layers of accumulated ‘life’ and reveal their true self and their desires and then identifying ways to redirect their energy and get back on track.

MOBILE: 27 (0)82 7750198
SKYPE: jillian.lambert
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