After 20 years in both corporate and independent Human Resources experience Jillian has a accumulated a diverse amount of experience in the Human Resource field.
She offers, practical, solutions based proposals to improve Human Resource related areas of the business that ultimately affect the overall efficiency, productivity and profitability of business.
Services include short and long term retainers or project based work that would include the following topics:
  • Support at EXCO level
  • HR strategy creation and implementation
  • HR department creation and methodologies
  • Creation of suitable policies and templates
  • Workshops and training encompassing a wide range of topics, including:
  • Time management
  • Effective communication
  • Recruitment tool box
  • Shadow of a leader
  • Managing results and not actions
  • Leveraging team diversity and strengths

MOBILE: 27 (0)82 7750198
SKYPE: jillian.lambert
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